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Guaranteed Lawn Care in Howell
A beautiful home is only complete when paired with a beautiful lawn. If your lawn is looking lackluster, look no further than Healthy Lawn! Our lawn care in Howell will give you the personalized service you need to get the thick, glowing lawn you’ve been dreaming of.

Local Company

You can be sure you’re getting honest, reliable service from a team who treats you like family.

Attention to Detail

Healthy Lawn ensures the highest level of care is placed on every aspect of your property.


Highly Qualified

Providing top-notch service is our passion, so we maintain a vast knowledge of the latest industry standards.

Healthy Lawn is a fantastic company! My lawn and landscaping look amazing. They have great customer service with knowledgeable and friendly employees. I would definitely recommend them.


Lawn Care in Howell

Lawn care in Howell is more than just watering and mowing. To have a gorgeous lawn, you need to provide your turf with the nutrients and treatments in needs to be healthy—inside and out. Your lawn can face a number of challenges that can damage its health and appearance, so it’s important to have comprehensive lawn care in Howell. 

Healthy Lawn offers a number of different types of lawn care in Howell, including:

  • Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Grub and insect control
  • And more!


Lawn Aeration in Howell

Want a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood? You might want aeration and seeding in Howell. Over time, your soil can become compacted and dense, meaning it’s hard for water, sunlight, and other nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots—which leads to dull, unhealthy turf. Aeration is the process of creating lots of small holes in your dirt to create pathways for air, water, fertilizer, and so on to absorb into your lawn’s core. Aeration in Howell should be completed during the fall, so your lawn can recover from the summer compact. Seeding will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow! To schedule your Howell aeration and seeding, give us a call today at 732-238-5296!

100% Guaratee

Nothing is worse than taking time choosing the right lawn care company, waiting weeks for service, and then hating the results. At Healthy Lawn, we get it right the first time! Not only do we complete our first service within 5-7 business days, but our lawn care in Howell is backed by our 100% total satisfaction guarantee! We stand behind our work and offer free service calls in between treatments.

Mosquito Control in Howell

Nothing ruins your outdoor fun quite like mosquitoes. These bothersome insects love to annoy you and your loved ones by invading your personal space and leaving behind itchy bites that last for days. If you’re tired of spending your summer swatting them away, our mosquito control in Howell is the solution for you. Our thorough treatments help reclaim your yard while protecting you from mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria and West Nile virus, letting you enjoy your time outside rather than dread it.

Receive a FREE mosquito treatment today!

When you trust our mosquito control in Howell, we will:

  • Search your property to identify mosquito breeding areas and hideouts.
  • Use proven products to treat every corner of your yard.
  • Strategically schedule 6 recurring treatments throughout mosquito season (May-September).
  • Maintain open, honest communication so you’re always kept in the loop.
  • Back our services with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Work with the Pros and Love Your Lawn!

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