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Get the Glowing Lawn You Deserve
A beautiful home is nothing without a healthy lawn. However, maintaining your lawn on your own is a hassle. With Healthy Lawn, you’ll get all the rewards of a lush, thriving lawn with none of the work thanks to our lawn service in Middletown!

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You can be sure you’re getting honest, reliable service from a team who treats you like family.

Attention to Detail

Healthy Lawn ensures the highest level of care is placed on every aspect of your property.


Highly Qualified

Providing top-notch service is our passion, so we maintain a vast knowledge of the latest industry standards.

Great service and fertilizer weed guys know what they're doing, very experienced! The best!

East Brunswick

Lawn Service in Middletown

From weeding to fertilizing to pest control, trying to maintain your lawn requires hard work, consistency, and expertise. When you call on Healthy Lawn for lawn service in Middletown, you’ll get all of those things—and more! We pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality Middletown lawn service, meaning that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your picturesque yard. 

We provide a number of services with our Middletown lawn service, including:

  • Early and late spring treatments, such as pre-emergent weed control
  • Summer treatments to help your lawn stay healthy through the harsh summer heat
  • Grub and insect control to keep these destructive pests from damaging your lawn
  • Early and late fall fertilizer treatments to prep your lawn to endure the winter and thrive in the spring
  • Lime treatments to enhance the overall health of your lawn

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Don't Forget About Aeration and Seeding!

Aeration and seeding in Middletown is an imperative part of lawn care and should be completed in the late summer and early fall. Our Middletown aeration focuses on pulling soil out of the ground in order to allow your grass' roots to breathe and better absorb nutrients. This process isn't complete without our Middletown overseeding, which provides your lawn nutrients it needs to fight off disease and weeds. Without aeration and seeding, your lawn may not grow to its healthiest potential. Call us today at 732-238-5296 to schedule your Middletown aeration and seeding!

Work With the Local Lawn Care Experts

When it comes to lawn care in Middletown, you want to work with people who know what they’re doing. Improper lawn treatments can do more harm than good, and you don’t want to waste your time and money on ineffective products or tools. With Healthy Lawn, you’ll be working with local experts who are highly certified and seasonally trained to provide you expert Middletown lawn service. We do our best to not only take excellent care of your lawn but also to help you learn how you can best tend to your turf between treatments. When you partner with Healthy Lawn for lawn care in Middletown, you get more than just lawn service: you get a team of people who care. 

Get the Glowing Lawn You Deserve

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