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Guaranteed Lawn Care in Middletown
A beautiful home is nothing without a healthy lawn. However, maintaining your lawn on your own is a hassle. With Healthy Lawn, you’ll get all the rewards of a lush, thriving lawn with none of the work thanks to our lawn care in Middletown!
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Lawn Care in Middletown

From weeding to fertilizing to pest control, trying to maintain your lawn requires hard work, consistency, and expertise. When you call on Healthy Lawn for lawn care in Middletown, you’ll get all of those things—and more! We pride ourselves in providing the highest qualityservice, meaning that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your yard. 

We provide several services with our lawn care in Middletown, including:

  • Early and late spring treatments, such as pre-emergent weed control
  • Summer treatments to help your lawn stay healthy through the harsh summer heat
  • Grub and insect control to keep these destructive pests from damaging your lawn
  • Early and late fall fertilizer treatments to prep your lawn to endure the winter and thrive in the spring
  • Lime treatments to enhance the overall health of your lawn

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Lawn Aeration in Middletown

Regular lawn aeration and overseeding in Middletown is an imperative part of a successful lawn care regimen and should be completed in the late summer and early fall. Our lawn aeration in Middletown focuses on pulling soil out of the ground to allow your grass' roots to breathe and better absorb nutrients. When a lawn’s soil becomes compacted, essential nutrients have a hard time reaching the roots - resulting in stunted growth. With an annual aeration service in Middletown, you can give your lawn a much-needed boost after a long, hot summer!

The benefits of lawn aeration are endless. During aeration treatment, your lawn will experience the following:

  • Easier access to air and oxygen
  • The soil absorbs and maintains water, which results in a healthier, lusher lawn, as well as decreasing water runoff and puddles. 
  • Better absorption of fertilizer and other nutrients
  • Reduced soil compaction, which helps prevent weeds and promotes stronger roots.
  • Reduced thatch build-up. Thatch is the layer of grass that builds up over the soil, preventing new, healthier grass from growing and promotes weed growth. 

We also recommend aerating your lawn before winter, which will help provide your lawn the nutrients necessary to survive harsh winter weather. Our lawn care technicians can inspect your property and provide you with a suggested schedule. 

Overseeding to Optimize Results

The aeration process isn't complete without our overseeding service in Middletown, which involves laying down an additional layer of grass seed on top of your newly aerated lawn -- helping to fill in bare spots and promote healthy growth. Without an annual aeration and seeding service, your lawn may not grow to its healthiest potential. 

This is a great addition to your annual lawn care program to maximize results. Schedule your aeration and seeding service with a professional lawn care technician this fall!


Weed Control and Fertilization in Middletown

Dealing with the hassle of weed control and fertilization can be time-consuming, messy, and exhausting. Our unpredictable climate here in Central New Jersey can often make it difficult to determine what your lawn needs to thrive at each point in the season. Luckily, our lawn care technicians at Healthy Lawn make weed control and fertilization as easy as picking up the phone! We carefully designed our pre-and post-emergent weed treatment to take all the hassle out of maintaining a beautiful lawn so that you can spend more time enjoying your yard instead. Our weed control and fertilization services include:

  • Early and late spring fertilizers to proactively tackle weeds and enhance the color of your lawn
  • Our summer fertilizer blend to help your grass withstand heat and drought
  • Early and late fall treatments to strengthen roots and equip your soil with everything it needs to withstand colder temperatures
  • And more!

Say goodbye to your weed woes for good when you rely on Healthy Lawn to take care of all your lawn care needs for you!

Mosquito Control in Middletown

When warmer weather arrives in Middletown, unfortunately so does mosquito season. Not only are mosquitoes generally annoying, but their troubling presence also goes beyond the constant buzzing and biting. As known carriers of dangerous diseases like Zika virus and malaria, it’s important to take preventative measures and deter them from agitating your yard and family. Being able to enjoy your yard is important, so let our mosquito control experts in Marlboro provide you with lasting relief and peace of mind today!

When you rely on Healthy Lawn for mosquito control in Middletown, you can expect:

  • A free inspection of your property to seek out common mosquito breeding grounds
  • Highly effective, family-friendly treatments strategically scheduled to keep your yard protected throughout mosquito season
  • Outstanding service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Lawn Disease Control in Middletown

Long, hot summers can cause your lawn to brown and become more susceptible to disease, which can thwart future growth. Healthy Lawn provides lawn disease control in Middletown to provide you with protection that lasts throughout each season. When you trust our lawn care company to service your home and yard, we make it our priority to be 100% transparent about our lawn treatments and service practices for your utmost satisfaction. 

When you choose us for lawn disease control in Middletown, our technicians will identify, treat, and protect your lawn from a variety of diseases such as:

  • Dollar Spot—small, discolored spots across your lawn.
  • Red Thread—non-uniform, pink patches on your turf.
  • Brown Patch—round patches of yellow-brown grass across your lawn.
  • Summer Patch—large, faded green patches of grass that lead to balding.
  • And more!

Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Nothing is worse than taking the time to choose the right lawn care company, waiting weeks for service, and then hating the results. At Healthy Lawn, we get it right the first time! Not only do we complete our first service within 5-7 business days, but our lawn care in Middletown is backed by our 100% total satisfaction guarantee! We stand behind our work and offer free service calls in between treatments.

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