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Guaranteed Lawn Care in Tinton Falls
Lawn care can be complicated, and store-bought lawn treatments rarely give you the results you want. Don’t waste your precious time and money! Turn to Healthy Lawn for the quality Tinton Falls lawn treatments you deserve, and get a lush, thriving lawn!
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You can be sure you’re getting honest, reliable service from a team who treats you like family.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your treatment, we will return at no additional cost to you.


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Providing top-notch service is our passion, so we maintain a vast knowledge of the latest industry standards.

Got a prompt accurate quote, all details concerning pricing and treatment applications were expertly explained. Their program looks to me as a good value. My first treatment went exactly as they said it would.


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Lawn Care in Tinton Falls

Nothing completes a beautiful home like a glowing lawn. However, understanding how to best approach taking care of your lawn to help it thrive can be complicated and confusing. Here at Healthy Lawn, we do the hard work of lawn care in Tinton Falls—all you do is sit back and reap the benefits. 

Few people realize that lawn care is a year-round business. Our recurring lawn services are strategically designed to give your lawn the support it needs as seasons change here in Central New Jersey.

When you partner with us, you can expect: 

  • Spring fertilizers and pre-emergent weed treatments to make your lawn vibrant and fight weeds before they start
  • Summer fertilizer that protects against heat and dry spells
  • Fall treatments to strengthen roots and make your lawn hardy for the coming winter
  • And more!


Lawn Aeration in Tinton Falls

If you see bare spots in your lawn after a long summer, you need lawn aeration and seeding added to your lawn care program. Lawn aeration is the process of pulling small plugs of soil from your grass. As your soil gets compacted after the summer months, this lawn treatment is necessary to help your lawn breathe and absorb the nutrients it needs to grow thick and healthy.

With lawn aeration in Tinton, your lawn will receive multiple benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced exposure to critical nutrients, air, water, sunlight, and fertilizer. 
  • Strong roots to fight against disease and weed growth.
  • Lush and healthy growth. 

Lawn Seeding for a Healthier Lawn

Overseeding is necessary as it brings your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive and protect itself from disease and weeds. Our endophytic-enhanced seeds contain natural enzymes, which help to fill in bare spots in your yard and fight disease. Overseeding is best done annually, preferably after an aeration service to maximize results. To schedule your lawn aeration and seeding in Tinton Falls, call us today at 732-238-5296!

Mosquito Control in Tinton Falls

Mosquitos often carry dangerous diseases like Malaria, Zika Virus, and Yellow Fever that threaten the health of you and your family. Fortunately, our team at Healthy Lawn has your back when it comes to mosquito control! If you’re having to swat away these bugs every time you step outside, give us a call at 732-238-5296. Our team of mosquito control experts creates personalized plans that get rid of mosquitoes once and for all. 

Our mosquito control in Tinton Falls includes:

  • A free inspection for potential breeding grounds.
  • 7 strategically scheduled treatments between the months of April and September.
  • Family-friendly mosquito control products to keep your loved ones safe.
  • A guarantee that your yard will be mosquito-free!

Weed Control and Fertilization in Tinton Falls

You work hard to cultivate a gorgeous landscape—so why let your hard work be ruined by weeds? Here in New Jersey, our climate allows a variety of persistent and unsightly weeds to thrive year-round, making it difficult to keep your lawn disease and weed-free. Lucky for you, your neighbors at Healthy Lawn have the solutions you need for weed control in Tinton Falls. Our team utilizes a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments for weed removal to thoroughly protect your turf. When paired with our custom lawn fertilizer blends, our services can help you get the spotless glowing lawn you deserve. 

Comprehensive Lawn Care for a Healthy Lawn, Year-Round

Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape requires consistent work and dedication. Take some of that stress off your plate by partnering with local experts for weed control and lawn fertilization. We are proud to be a local, family-owned provider of lawn care company. Our personalized approach to weed removal and lawn fertilization can help you get a healthier lawn from the roots up.

When you team up with us, you can expect the following:

  • A weed inspection and consultation to determine a plan for your lawn.
  • Year-round lawn treatments for total weed control.
  • Fertilizer blends designed to meet your turf’s nutritional needs.
  • Seasonal fertilizer treatments with our custom blends.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee.
  • And so much more!

Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Nothing is worse than taking time choosing the right lawn care company, waiting weeks for service, and then hating the results. At Healthy Lawn, we get it right the first time! Not only do we complete our first service within 5-7 business days, but our services are backed by our 100% total satisfaction guarantee! We stand behind our work and offer free service calls in between treatments.

Personalized Care To Meet Your Lawn’s Unique Needs

As an extension of your home, your lawn should be something you can be proud of. Our team of certified expert lawn technicians are up-to-date on the latest and greatest industry practices. They have the expertise needed to tailor a personalized lawn care plan for your home. As a locally owned business, we take pride in delivering you personalized advice, so you’ll know how to best tend to your yard in between treatments, giving you the glowing turf you deserve. 

Ready to love your lawn?