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Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Like anything in life, your yard needs nurturing to be its best! Let us breathe some life into your lawn and provide the nutrients it needs to be it's healthiest. 

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Aeration and Seeding in New Jersey


“I’ve been here for 20 years and never seeded, why do I need to do it now?” Well, the answer is simple. Annual aeration and seeding will allow healthy grassroots to thrive. Aeration allows water and nutrients to easily reach the root level of your lawn and controls lawn thatch, leading to thicker, stronger roots for a healthier lawn. We use seed that is endophytic-enhanced with natural enzymes to fend off disease and insects as well as making the turfgrass more drought- and heat-resistant.

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When to Aerate in New Jersey

Aeration will help break up compaction in the soil by extracting a core of soil at a depth of approximately 2-6 inches in return the roots will have increased oxygenation, reduce thatch and improve the soil's ability for water to matriculate through the soil stimulating new root growth. We at Healthy Lawn use the crisscross method when aerating, meaning we go across the lawn twice with the aerator in opposite directions which doubles the seed to soil contact with the core thus doubling germination and preventing the “row” appearance of new growth. We recommend aerating in Central New Jersey in the late summer months and throughout the fall — results are better when there is less heat and drought damage to the grass.

How Overseeding in New Jersey Works

The average grass plant has a life cycle of two years, and because the turf is mowed before the plant reaches the height needed to bloom and produce a seed head, overseeding is required to increase turf thickness and help crowd out weeds. A thick turf is the best way to control weed populations and will help reduce the number of pesticides needed to control weeds.

We proudly offer our lawn aeration and seeding services throughout Central New Jersey, including:

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