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Receive Weed Control Backed by a Total Satisfaction Guarantee!

Not only are weeds a generally unpleasant eyesore — they’re also extremely frustrating to try and battle on your own. Let the experts at Healthy Lawn keep your lawn weed-free throughout the year. 

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Weed Control & Fertilization in New Jersey

A lawn technician spraying weed control in Central New Jersey

As a family-owned and operated lawn maintenance company here in Central New Jersey, we’ve spent years perfecting our weed control tactics to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers. As homeowners ourselves, we know how stressful it can be to spend hours weeding in your yard, only to have your efforts be made fruitless in a few week's time. Our expert lawn care technicians here at Healthy Lawn take pride in giving you a weed-free landscape you can look forward to coming home to - without fear of their return.

We proudly offer our weed control throughout Central New Jersey, including:

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Year-Round Weed Treatment

Our long, cold winters here in New Jersey coupled with hot, dry summers often make it easy for a variety of weeds to thrive in our climate. With this in mind, we designed our seasonal weed control treatments to specifically target even the most menacing weeds before they have a chance to take hold of your yard. From crabgrass protection in the spring to broadleaf and nutsedge control throughout summer and fall, our pre- and post-emergent weed control tactics ensure your lawn has everything it needs to stay vibrant during warmer months while remaining resilient throughout the cold.

Lawn Fertilizer that Keeps Your Soil Healthy

When it comes to maintaining a lush, weed-free lawn, proactively setting the right foundation with the health of your soil is an important step that’s often overlooked. Our custom lawn fertilizer blends provide your lawn with enhanced micronutrients to properly set it up with exactly what it needs to thrive during each season. This includes:

  • Early and Late Spring Fertilizers - to enhance color and protection from weeds.
  • Our Custom Summer Blend - to help your lawn withstand drought and heat stress.
  • Early and Late Fall Treatments - to encourage growth and promote strong root development for withstanding colder temperatures.

Note that New Jersey fertilizer laws require that we do not apply fertilizers containing phosphorus or high levels of nitrogen between November 15th and March 1st due to the risk of run-off pollution. 

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What Makes Healthy Lawn Different? Our Satisfaction Guarantee!

Here at Healthy Lawn, we take the time to ensure all of our technicians are properly trained and certified in the latest weed control techniques and products so that we are able to provide only the highest level of service to our customers. When weeds suddenly appear in your yard, it’s important to act fast. All of this is even backed by our satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you are ever dissatisfied with our weed control service, simply give us a call and our technicians will do whatever it takes to make things right! Best of all, we also offer mosquito control and flea and tick control, so we can provide lawn pest control in the same visit! What are you waiting for? Schedule your lawn care service today!

You don’t have to bend over backward to finally achieve a weed-free lawn!

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