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Guaranteed Lawn Care in Asbury Park
Your beautiful lawn enhances the beauty of your neighborhood, but keeping it healthy can be exhausting work. Wouldn’t you love passing off the responsibility? Now you can! Locally-owned-and-operated, Healthy Lawn provides quality lawn care in Asbury Park, so you’ll receive a vibrant lawn year-round and hassle-free!
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You can be sure you’re getting honest, reliable service from a team who treats you like family.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your treatment, we will return at no additional cost to you.


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Providing top-notch service is our passion, so we maintain a vast knowledge of the latest industry standards.

Got a prompt accurate quote, all details concerning pricing and treatment applications were expertly explained. Their program looks to me as a good value. My first treatment went exactly as they said it would.


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Lawn Care in Asbury Park

Whatever your lawn needs, Healthy Lawn can handle it! With up-to-date expertise in the business, you can be confident in our lawn care services. We’ll nurture your lawn back to health, and you won’t have to lift a finger! 

Choose Healthy Lawn for your lawn care in Asbury Park and benefit from:

  • Color enhancing care and pre-emergent weed control with early and late spring treatments.
  • Summer-specific fertilization that will help protect your lawn from drought and heat. 
  • Protection from grubs and common lawn pests with specially designed grub and pest control
  • Iron-rich fertilization and winterizing strategies during early and late fall treatments
  • Soil pH regulation with lime treatments to promote root health and stress tolerance. 

Responsive Services with a Total Guarantee

As a locally owned company, there’s no more waiting around for lawn care in Asbury Park. As soon as you choose Healthy Lawn, we’ll complete your first service within 5-7 business days. With us right down the road, you can rest assured we’ll provide your services as quickly as possible. We also pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time! So we back all of our lawn care in Asbury Park by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and will perform free service calls in between scheduled treatments if you are less than satisfied.

Lawn Aeration in Asbury Park

Your lawn requires more than just fertilizer, weed control, frequent mowing, and other forms of maintenance to stay beautiful—it needs to breathe! At Healthy Lawn, we offer lawn aeration in Asbury Park to help your lawn get the oxygen and nutrients it needs to thrive. We use an aeration method called core aeration in which we puncture small holes across your lawn in a crisscross pattern, doubling the number of seeds your lawn will absorb. 

The benefits of core lawn aeration in Asbury Park include: 

  • The ability to better absorb more water, seeds, sunlight, and nutrients.
  • The strength to fight lawn diseases and weed growth.
  • A healthy, lush lawn for your children and pets to play in!

Overseed Your Lawn for Successful Growth 

After our technicians complete aerating your lawn, they will apply endophytic-enhanced seed with natural enzymes. The process of overseeding your lawn will help not only help fill out thin spots throughout your lawn, but it will successfully fend off disease, insects, drought, and weed growth. Lawn seeding should be completed in the late summer and early fall for optimal results. When paired with our lawn aeration service, overseeding can help promote healthy growth for a beautiful, strong lawn.

Keep the Weeds & Disease at Bay

When you choose Healthy Lawn for lawn aeration in Asbury Park, you’re guaranteed stronger, healthier grass that fights off weeds and disease. Our lawn aeration service protects your lawn from those pesky brown spots and prevents dead patches of grass all year long. Our lawn technicians are here to provide you with quality, comprehensive lawn care in Asbury Park, and our lawn aeration and overseeding service is a sure way to give your lawn what it needs to flourish!

Weed Control and Fertilization in Asbury Park

Maintaining a lawn that’s green and healthy may be a difficult task, but at Healthy Lawn, we can help you get there! We offer fertilization and weed control in Asbury Park to promote stronger, disease-resistant grass that lasts year-round. Our lawn care technicians start with a thorough inspection, followed by effective lawn fertilization and weed removal.

Our weed control and fertilization in Asbury Park guarantees:

  • A thorough inspection to determine the most effective treatment plan.
  • The application of eco-friendly fertilizers in spring, summer, and fall to protect your lawn all year long.
  • Year-round pre-and post-emergent weed treatments for greater weed control.
  • Your satisfaction, or we’ll return to re-treat your lawn until you are!

Get the Best Lawn Care in Asbury Park!

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